Designed for safety & convenience, this is also the quickest hitch available to install & remove.  These have stainless pull handles and cams. They can be locked and will allow any ball size and can be used as a drop or rise so it's very diverse.

I can sell with a 2" ball torqued to spec or with no ball so the customer can use their own. 4" drop is not yet available as I'm in the process of sourcing affordable hitches in volume to modify/manufacture.

I keep one locked in my truck with a 1/4" trailer lock. You may even use a padlock.

Other hitches can come loose and cause accidents for a variety of reasons, such as improperly installed, by failing to insert the hair pin into the hitch pin.  Also, some people stretch the hair pin so it is easier to insert and remove, thus increasing risk of it being too loose and falling out while the trailer is being towed.  Road debris has been known to fly up and snatch out the hair pin, causing accidents such as the occasional tumbleweed induced accidents in Texas.


HitchLocker LLC is a small business started in 2020 and located in the small town of Bernie, MO in the "Bootheel" region of Missouri.

My background, since serving 5 years in the USAF, has been in the world of engineering working for a variety of large corporations as a product design engineer as well as a tool design engineer.  I have 5 patents to my name, mostly as a product design engineer in diesel injector product development programs.

My inspiration for this hitch design is the result of learning of so many trailer towing accidents - some have been close to home and have affected local citizens of this area.  I found a website called which has really opened my eyes to the numerous trailer related accidents.  People would be amazed how many lives have been lost due to the standard hitch design and I don't want the same things happening to my own family & friends.  It excites me to think I might save lives with my invention.